Korean inspiration

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09 01 2008 0236129001199882975 kim kyung soo



Kim Kyung Soo

Corean Vogue 2007

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Jo 22/06/2011 19:02

Hi! What an amazing blog! I stumbled upon your lovely blog via Design Mom. :-)

I just wanted to gently remind you, if I may, that these images from Vogue Korea had been inspired by and the models are wearing Korean traditional costume (called "Hanbok") instead of anything
Japanese, as incorrectly identified above.

OK! I'm going to keep looking through the rest of your gorgeous blog! Have a sweet day! :o)

tiny-us.over-blog.com 22/06/2011 19:12

Thanks Jo for the correction. I will make the change straight away. I probably need to deepen my knowledge in traditionnal costume !!!