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  • Generation by Ruud Van Empel

    04 mars 2011 ( #Blog )

    I love the new serie of the Duch photographer, Ruud Van Empel. Using photoshop, the photographer mixed together hundreds of images. At first glance, it looks like a traditional class portrait taken in the past 50 years. But if you have a better look......

  • Danse Inspiration

    29 janvier 2011 ( #Blog )

    Absolutely astonishing photography of The Washington Ballet taken by photographer Cade Martin for a very special limited-edition commemorative book. Des photos sublimes du Ballet de Washington prises par le photographe Cade Martin et réunies dans un livre...

  • Happy Mother Day

    04 mai 2011 ( #Blog )

    Next sunday, on the 8th of May, we will celebrate the mothers in Unites-States, Australia, and Canada. So happy Mother day ! Dimanche prochain, le 8 mai, nous fêterons les mamans aux Etats-Unis, en Australie et au Canada. Joyeuse fête de mères. A Happy...

  • Tribute to Edward Hopper by Clark et Pougnaud

    11 mai 2011 ( #Blog )

    Pougnaud is the painter and she is the one building the settings in which the models take place. Clark is the photographer. Pougnaud est la peintre et c'est ellle qui réalise les décors et les maquettes dans lesquels viennent s’insérer les photographies...

  • Painting inspiration

    17 mai 2011 ( #Blog )

    I love David Baker's paintings. They capture a familiar moment in everyday life and invites the viewer to create their own story. Beautiful and moving ! J'aime les peintures de David Baker. Il arrive à capturer des moments familiers de la vie de tous...

  • Our interview in Pirouette

    26 mai 2011 ( #Blog )

    With my girls we are very lucky to have been featured on the lovely Pirouette blog this week for a fun interview with Florence Rolando. Florence is a founding contributor to Milk Magazine, the cofounder of the Bubble trade shows and the voice behind Pirouette....

  • Tiny-Us featured on Bloesem Kids

    28 mai 2011 ( #Blog )

    I am so honored today, Irene from the amazing blog "Bloesem Kids" is talking about Tiny-Us project. I am really pleased as Bloesem kids blog has been one of my favorite reads for a long time now ! J'ai eu l'honneur aujourd'hui de figurer dans le magnifique...

  • "Children" by the Tkachev Brothers

    06 juin 2011 ( #Blog )

    I love this painting by the Russian Brothers Alexei ans Sergey Tkachev. Alexei and Sergey have often worked together as one artist on the same canvases and are considered to be the leading realist painters of the 1950s and 1960s. J'aime beaucoup cette...

  • Tiny-Us featured on Cool Mom Picks

    08 juin 2011 ( #Blog )

    This week Tiny-Us has been featured on Cool Mom Picks, a really cool American website devoted to the coolest gift and gear for parents. Susan, who wrote the post, had the really cool idea to frame the paper dolls cards and hang them in the nursery or...

  • The World of 100 by Toby Ng Design

    23 juin 2011 ( #Blog )

    Tony NG has illustrated this interesting question "If the world were a village of 100 people, how would the composition be?" Using statistics about the spread of population around the world, he has created this beautiful set of 20 posters. Tony NG a illustré...

  • Kind words from a dear friend

    17 septembre 2011 ( #Blog )

    My very old friend Marion Leflour wrote a lovely post today about Tiny-Us. She works as a fashion consultant but she is also a very talented photographer. Here are some of her pictures. You can have a look at her work on her beautiful blog. Mon amie de...

  • Modern Totems

    21 septembre 2010 ( #Blog )

    Amazing photographies ! "The new Totems series by Alain Delorme plunges us into the core of contemporary China and its complexity. Under the blue sky of a highly colored Shanghai, men carry throughout the city unbelievable piles. These precarious columns...

  • BIG as Bravery, Imagination and Generosity

    02 octobre 2011 ( #Blog )

    BIG Kids Magazine is an Australian-made biannual creative arts magazine that provides an immersive, interactive and imaginative arts experience for children of all ages. One of the unique features of the magazine is that work done by kids and emerging/professional...

  • Paper Runway

    05 octobre 2011 ( #Blog )

    Paper Runway is a quaterly magazine all about paper - paper products, artists, illustrators, studios, DIY projects, party inspirations, beautiful papers, designers... Paper Runway has also an online version. You can have a look here. Beautiful ! Paper...

  • Manufactured Totems by Alain Delorme

    12 octobre 2011 ( #Blog )

    "The new Totems series by Alain Delorme plunges us into the core of contemporary China and its complexity. Under the blue sky of a highly colored Shanghai, men carry throughout the city unbelievable piles. These precarious columns made of cardboard or...

  • Toy Story by Gabrielle Galimbarti

    26 octobre 2011 ( #Blog )

    “Who doesn’t remember a favorite childhood toy? All kids have one. Rich or poor, all children have a chosen one, one they love the most. How can I forget that doll with a broken eye? It was ugly but had no rivals. And it was my favorite, no doubt. Gabriele...

  • Tiny-Us advent calendar !

    30 novembre 2011 ( #Blog )

    Tiny-Us will count down the days until Christmas with one special outfit per day begining on December 1. Each day you will find on our Blog a free outfit to download. Be quick, each special outfit will only be available for 24 hours before a new one will...

  • New tricycles at Presence school !

    01 avril 2012 ( #Blog )

    Here are the fabulous tricycles that the Presence School has been able to buy with the money raised by the Tiny-Us Project. I received an e-mail from the Principal of the school and the kids are totally over the moon with them. Thanks to you all for your...

  • Kind words from Célina !

    03 avril 2012 ( #Blog )

    Tiny-Us has been featured today in Celina's lovely blog "Petit à Petit and family". Her kind words made me very happy ! Thanks Celina for your support. On parle de Tiny-Us aujourd'hui dans le très joli blog de Celina "Petit à Petit and family". C'est...

  • Very strange doll house... by Samantha Everton

    21 janvier 2011 ( #Blog )

    Samantha Everton Via Small Magazine

  • Indian inspiration

    28 janvier 2011 ( #Blog )

    Arian Behzadi Via Minor details

  • Beautiful pictures from Osamu Yokonami

    27 février 2011 ( #Blog )

    Very poetic pictures taken by the photographer Osamu Yokonami for Papier Mache Magazine Des photos très poétiques prises par l'artiste Osamu Yokonami pour Papier Mache Magazine. Papier Mache Magazine Osamu Yokonami

  • Famous print by Judy Kaufmann

    28 février 2011 ( #Blog )

    Via Small Judy kaufmann

  • Illustrated thoughts by Pope Saint Victor

    01 mai 2011 ( #Blog )

    Pope Saint Victor

  • Saprrow Lane par Holly Andres

    03 mars 2011 ( #Blog )

    Holly Andres Via Feed the Magic

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